How to make your ears not stick out?
Arielis ear correctors!

Earlobes are an unpleasant problem, but fortunately, they are already easily solved. Of course, most of the time the question of how to pin the ears, or make sure their ears don't stick out, is asked by parents of babies whose ears are slightly ears slightly protruding, or different from each other. However, not only children suffer from droopy ears. You may have noticed that Arilys company presents 3 different types of correctors for adults and children. Conventionally, they can be divided into 2 categories - prevention and correction and aesthetic correction. In this article we will tell you what one type correctors differs from the other.

Similarities and differences

Prevention and correction:

1. Arilis adults for elimination of floppy ears.

Silicone correctors, coated with an adhesive compound. They securely hold your ears in the correct position. Due to the fact that human ears continue to grow in thickness throughout life, after 2 years Continuously worn, Arilis Adult Correctors allow for a significant reshaping of the ear cartilage. The correctors are anatomically shaped, making them as comfortable to wear as possible. The connecting element of the corrector is moved to the inner side of the lens, allowing the corrector to distribute the tension.

2. Arilis Children's for elimination of bald ears.

Silicone correctors for children differ in the density of the silicone and the order in which the adhesive layers are carried. The special The technology with which the Arilis Children's correctors are created is aimed at preventing The special technology used in Arilis Children's correctors is aimed at preventing the ear cartilage from getting crushed during the elimination of droopy ears. The formation of the baby's ear occurs up to the age of 9, Before that age, it is very easy to correct the position and shape of the ear. Noticeable results from wearing correctors can be see after 4-6 months of use.

3. Arilis+ to prevent uneven ears in newborns.

Not only is earlobes congenital, but it is also an acquired defect. A baby's delicate ears can very quickly become the wrong shape. To prevent and prevent droopy ears, we recommend the following correctors Arilis+. Correctors are made of 100% silicone, which eliminates the appearance of allergic reactions. The glue composition - non-toxic medical glue, allows the correctors to hold on the skin for a long time.

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