How to visually reduce the face?

How to make your face smaller? — a problem that is relevant for many people. Not everyone can boast of a perfect oval, and too wide face looks older, and it makes the face look... There are several popular ways to do this.

Ways to make your face look smaller

Plastic surgery

The most dramatic and costly way to shrink your face is aesthetic surgery. With the help of plastic surgery it is quite realistic to transform the appearance and maximally to bring your face as close as possible to the standards of beauty. However, there are many important nuances that are worth pay attention to - Contraindications, complications, long rehabilitation period.

Как уменьшить лицо хирургическим путем


There is a more affordable, and most importantly - painless method. Competent, professional makeup can Visually correct the proportions and shape of your face. But to do so, you will need a lot of of time and a lot of not-so-cheap cheap cosmetic products - highlighters, concealers, bronzers, shadows, blushes, liquid foundation. And without the basic skills of a makeup artist. Your makeup artist's skills are indispensable. Otherwise, your makeup will look unaesthetic, It's sloppy, and it won't look natural. natural, especially in daylight.

Как уменьшить лицо с помощью макияжа


The easiest way to shrink your face  — properly the right hairstyle. It can be both sophisticated evening options with highly matched hair, and stylish Haircuts, and the usual ponytails or bundles. All of them visually make the face less massive and and broader, giving a slight touch of aristocratism.

Как уменьшить лицо с помощью прически

But here, too, it is not without obstacles. Some people just can't afford this kind of hairstyles because of a common defect, such as protruding or asymmetrical ears. So how to deal with it? There is a way out. Arilis correctors! Light, practical inconspicuous plates made of The hypoallergenic silicone clamps your ears tightly to your head without any problems and keeps them in place thereby for up to 10 days. You can still use the sauna, shower, swimming pool, and you can still maintain a flawless appearance under all circumstances. flawless appearance look! And best of all, they're great as adult, так и babies.