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We are the largest private company in Russia and the CIS that produces innovative aesthetic correctors for warnings and corrects for droopy ears and convex navel shape.

Arilis correctors

Having started active development, our company immediately occupied a vacant niche in the development and production of cosmetic and corrective products. Years of laboratory research, testing, implementation of the latest medical developments and search for the most advantageous solutions preceded the creation of our product. Since 2010 the company "Arilis" works closely with the market to offer new and better solutions for people with deformities of the auricles.

Finally, our experts have shown the world innovative correctors for non-surgical treatment of asymmetry of the auricles, as well as a convex shape of the navel.

Now the main focus of the company is the production and sale of ear correctors for the correction and prevention of droopy ears и umbilical patches for newborns.

In less than a year of the product's existence in its final form, we have served thousands of customers, helped them become more beautiful and feel more confident. Collaboration with our Finnish partners allowed us to create an absolutely unique product that has no analogues in Russia and abroad.

At the company "Arilis" Only highly qualified specialists - the best scientists from Russia and Finland were involved in the development of innovative adhesives for our products.

What is our specialty?

Arilis correctors Children's The advanced technologies that we use in the production of correctors and patches, not only help us to get ahead of the competition, but also allow us to create an absolutely unique product that has no analogues in the world.

Having taken a strong market position in Russia and the CIS and continuing to strengthen its position, we do not stop improving our product, creating more and more new configurations ear correctors for non-surgical correction of bald ears.

Our commitment to innovation allows us to create effective, comfortable and affordable solutions for people with hearing loss. We pride ourselves on creating the next generation of technology, bringing people and innovation together.

The basic idea is to create products that bring real benefits to our consumers. We strive to improve people's quality of life, help them look better and feel more confident. Innovation and caring for people are at the core of our business.

Given the needs and desires of people, we are constantly improving our product, trying to expand the range, qualitatively improving the configuration of our correctors.

Our unique expertise and experience

В "Arilis" The center of laboratory research with the best specialists from Russia and Europe - a team of world leading experts in the field of aesthetic medicine and otorhinolaryngology, working all over the world and engaged in the study of pathologies of the ear and ways of non-operative influence on them.

We are a technology company. We invest a lot in research and development projects to offer our customers the best. All our products are based on the latest technology, experience of the best specialists in Russia and Finland, and have repeatedly proved their effectiveness.

The company's mission

Our main mission - to help people - reflects the company's commitment to solve the problem of umbilical hernias, as well as protruding ears for those to whom it is relevant, make people who suffer from the anatomical structure of the auricle more confident by offering a solution to Non-surgical elimination of floppy ears.

We have taken care of not only those who are already concerned about this problem, but also those who may be affected by it by developingprophylactic correctors for babies. This strategy defines not only the company's business goals, but also its approach to social responsibility. This is what sets us apart and makes the Arilis brand unique.

Our products include 2 product lines that are suitable for a wide range of users. We help to adults and children, men and women, those who have already faced the problem of droopy or convex navel, and those who are at risk of this problem in the future, offering effective and discreet correctors with a number of individual features for each group of clients.

Certificates of Conformity

It is extremely important for your health to use only certified products that have passed all tests and trials!

Improper quality ear correctors not only do not help you, but can cause allergic reactions of all kinds and adversely affect your health and the health of your child.

The company "Arilis" guarantees the high quality of the products, which is documented by certificates and laboratory research protocols. Arilis ear correctors have passed all tests and fully comply with all necessary requirements and standards.

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