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Correctors to correct protruding, uneven and asymmetrical ears Children up to 9 years of age. Buy correctors
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Customer Testimonial
Customer Testimonial
Perfect ears in one minute without surgery. Instant false ears correction allows you to completely change your look!
Способ применения
Customer Testimonial
Effectively eliminates floppy ears in babies. Noticeable result after six months of wearing correctors!
Способ применения Physicians' opinions
A child's psyche is incredibly delicate and vulnerable. It is at a child's age that he or she begins to look at himself in the mirror and notice differences in his appearance from the appearance of others. Yakov Aleksandrovich explains why it is so important to prevent bald ears at a child's age, to avoid psychological problems in children.

Many people may resort to extreme measures to get rid of the problem that plagues their children. Some parents are even willing to have their child undergo otoplasty. An operation to correct the auricle. Otoplasty is a surgical procedure Which is carried out in cases of violation of the anatomical structure of the auricle, including In the case of popliteal ears. Otoplasty is often recommended for children and adolescents, as clubfoot can cause psychological distress in a child. And, despite the fact that floppy ears at a young age really can traumatize the child's psyche, on the basis of constant jokes and Other children's jokes and mockery, surgery is too drastic a measure in this situation. Children do not need Otoplasty at all!

When wearing correctors for children under the age of 3 years, the child should A hat must be worn when the child sleeps.

The growth of the auricular cartilage continues until the age of 9 years. Arilis for children allows to completely get rid of of bald ears in children up to the age of 9 years. First results already after 3 months of wearing. Make your children happy!

With Arilis aesthetic ear correctors, you can become confident and always always look great! Forget about the hairstyles covering your ears! After two years of continuous of wearing the correctors steadily changes the shape of the ears, as the width of the ear cartilage cartilage continues to grow larger throughout life, even after the ear has stopped growing. You will no longer need hairstyles for protruding ears because with Arilis Aesthetic Correctors Arilis aesthetic correctors keep your ears close to your head, and the small clear lens of the corrector is not visible at all.