Arilis prophylaxis

Correctors to prevent floppiness, unevenness and asymmetry in the ears of children and newborns. Buy correctors
Arilis prophylaxis
10 proofreaders

For five weeks or more, depending on skin type

2 190 RUB
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for 2 weeks or more, depending on skin type

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Customer Testimonial
Customer Testimonial
Perfect ears in one minute without surgery. Instant false ears correction allows you to completely change your look!
Способ применения
Customer Testimonial
Effectively eliminates floppy ears in babies. Noticeable result after six months of wearing correctors!
Способ применения Physicians' opinions
A child's psyche is incredibly delicate and vulnerable. It is at a child's age that he or she begins to look at himself in the mirror and notice differences in his appearance from the appearance of others. Yakov Aleksandrovich explains why it is so important to prevent bald ears at a child's age, to avoid psychological problems in children.

As you know, hearing loss can be not only congenital, but also acquired. For example, in Babies ears wrapped in their sleep or while wearing a hat, get irregular shape. Asymmetry in the ears can be acquired by any infant, because the ear cartilage is not yet formed and is easily deformed. When sleeping, the baby also rolls over and This inevitably leads to further asymmetry in the ears later in life. age.

Such a problem has always been solved by using hats for baby hats, but this method is far from perfect. The cap can come off the head during sleep baby's head. What about when it's hot at home? That is, caps for newborns baby caps are not always a solution to the problem of droopy ears and and possible subsequent droopy ears in the baby. 

Arilis Prophylaxis is a simple and reliable way to prevent uneven and asymmetry in the ears of newborns. Do you want your baby to have perfect ears?