Arilis Cleansing Spray, 100ml.

Product for the care and protection of the skin in the ear area.
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Arilis adults
1 bottle (100 ml)

Age: from birth.

390 RUB
Customer Testimonial
Customer Testimonial
Perfect ears in one minute without surgery. Instant false ears correction allows you to completely change your look!
Способ применения
Customer Testimonial
Effectively eliminates floppy ears in babies. Noticeable result after six months of wearing correctors!
How to use Physicians' opinions
A child's psyche is incredibly delicate and vulnerable. It is at a child's age that he or she begins to look at himself in the mirror and notice differences in his appearance from the appearance of others. Yakov Aleksandrovich explains why it is so important to prevent bald ears at a child's age, to avoid psychological problems in children.

Patented Patented rilis Cleansing Spray for skin care and protection in the area is made from natural ingredients. It gently and effectively degreases the skin before It is made of natural ingredients that gently and effectively degreases the skin before applying the Arilis ear correctors* and ensures their safe adhesion to the skin.

  • Degreases
  • Relieves possible redness
  • Soothes the skin
  • Provides gentle care and protection for the skin

The patented formula of the spray does not contain parabens, silicones, EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), petroleum jelly and lanolin. The most common allergies. The delicate skin of babies is the most susceptible to allergies and rashes. The delicate baby skin is the most exposed to allergies and rashes - Arilys spray is hypoallergenic and safe for use by babies from the From the first days of life.

* can also be used with other Arilis products.